Social services provided in Veisiejai social care home

Social services:



Mediation and representation;

Resident’s accommodation document management;

Compilation of individual social care plans, periodic revision, adjustment;

Cooperation in solving the problems of the individual and the mutual population;

Contact with the loved ones;

Development and maintenance of social skills;

Organization of free time activities;

Temporary services.

Activities and leisure services:

Active activities (football, table tennis, billiards, board games, exercise machines, afternoon yard, nature and town walks, bicycles);

Arts education activities (handicrafts, art and music therapy, art and amateur activities, sand art therapy, knitting and crocheting, ceramics, woodwork);

Social skills training activities (management of the territory of care homes and the surrounding forest, lake shore and the nearest yard environment, management of residential and common use premises);

Nature Lovers Group;

Literature Lovers Group;

Library and reading room;


Computer class;

Cooking activities;

Planting, growing and care of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables;

Beauty Hour;

Commemoration of state, religious, traditional holidays;

Cultural events in care home and participation in events organized by the city, district, region or other institutions in the territory of Lithuania (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, performances, fairs, meetings, afternoons, films, etc.);

Preparation and participation by city, district, region, etc. at sporting events;

Excursions, excursions, hiking;

Commemoration of birthdays;

Cult services (Holy Mass (once a month), funeral) are held in the chapel of the care home.


Personal health care, physical medicine and rehabilitation services:

Initial medical examination of the arriving resident;

Appointment and execution of regimen, diet, treatment;

Health monitoring around the clock;

Diagnostic procedures:

determination of blood glucose;

ECG (electrocardiogram);

determination of blood cholesterol;

determination of blood triglycerides;

diabetes control program;

influenza vaccination program;

organization of an early diagnostic program for prostate cancer;

organization of a program of preventive measures for cervical malignancies;

organization of a screening program for breast cancer screening for breast cancer;

organization of a program of measures for the selection and prevention of persons belonging to the high-risk group of cardiovascular diseases;

organization of an early diagnosis program for colon cancer.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation services:

physiotherapy (individual and group);

bioptron light therapy;

physiotherapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, paraffin therapy; inhalation);

healing massage;

massage of individual body parts in a massage chair;

lymphatic drainage massage with compression lymphatic drainage system (POWER-Q6000 PLUS).

Organization of medical consultancy services;

Timely transmission of NDNT to determine the level of disability and special needs;

Population hospitalization according to health indications in various medical institutions;

Referral of the population to sanatorium rehabilitation treatment;

Organization of dental prosthesis services;

Provision of the population with compensatory equipment, prosthetic - orthopedic products;

Provision of personal hygiene products and products for the population;

Organization of preventive health examinations of the population;

Disease prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyles, health return and maintenance training.


Personal hygiene and nursing services:

Residents’ provision of personal hygiene products;

Showering disabled people (daily);

Resident bathing (as needed, but at least once a week);

Haircuts, shaving (as needed);

Clothing handling (as needed, but at least once a week);

Bed linen change (as needed, but at least once a week).

Use of the sauna.


Food Services:

Balanced diet (4 times);

Dietary nutrition (as prescribed by a doctor).


General services:

Washing, ironing, mending and sewing of clothing;

Management and maintenance of residential and common areas;


Purchase of household goods.